Ordinary membership
Every citizen of Myanmar, upon gaining the age of 18 years, has the right to be a member upon acceptance by the Executive Committee following the procedure prescribed in the Chapter.
Honorary Membership
•    Persons who have made significant contributions to the Organization are nominated for Honorary Membership.
•    The EC can decide on nomination and termination of honorary membership.
•    Honorary members hold the same rights and obligations as members, but do not have to pay any fees.
Fees related to membership are proposed by the EC and approved by the General Assembly.
Rights of Members
Each member has the following rights:
i.    To attend meetings of the General Assembly and to participate in discussions and make suggestions;
ii.    To have one vote for each motion in the General Assembly;
iii.    To enlist as a candidate for a position in the EC;
iv.    To use the library of the Organization;
v.    To participate in activities organized for members.

Obligations of Members
Every member is obliged to:
i.    Regularly attend meetings of the General Assembly;
ii.    Safeguard and upkeep the Organization’s prestige and reputation;
iii.    Conduct himself/herself properly, ethically and in line with any disciplines specified by the Organization;
iv.    Respect decisions taken by the Organization;
v.    Pay applicable fees;
vi.    Work to the best of his/her ability for achieving the Organization’s objectives;
vii.    Undertake dutifully the tasks assigned by the EC and agreed to by the respective member.

Termination of Membership
The EC can decide to discontinue a person’s membership in case:
i    On failure of the member to settle the prescribed fees after two written reminders;
ii    The member behaves in a way that is harming the Organization.

A member can appeal the decision of the EC within one month after the date of receiving the EC’s decision in writing. In such case the members will review the decision at the next meeting of the General Assembly.