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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you may be aware, with the financial support of GEF, FAO, MONREC and MoALI are implementing a project entitled “ SUSTAINABLE CROPLAND AND FOREST MANAGEMENT IN PRIORITY AGRO-ECOSYSTEMS OF MYANMAR ” which includes a provision in the forestry sector to develop an ecosystem approach to sustainable forest management. The objective is to replace the conventional forest management that has been in practice in Myanmar since the early nineteen century by ecosystem-based sustainable forest management (ESFM).

To this end, ECCDI has drafted an ESFM Planning Manual and an ESFM Implementation Manual to guide the revision of the existing Forest District Management Plans that have been formulated in compliance with the conventional forest management principles. After two expert consultations, ECCDI has developed the final drafts incorporating the expert recommendations. They will again be presented at the third Expert Consultation scheduled to be held on 22 January 2019 for their further improvement.

In this regard, we will be pleased if you could kindly review them thoroughly. Your suggestions and recommendations will be highly valued and appreciated.

Kindly check the following links where you can get access to download ESFM PM and IM in both English and Myanmar languages.

ESFM PM Eng version -14.1.2019 / ESFM PM Mya version-1-16-2018

ESFM PM Appendices 13122018 English

ESFM IM English version – 14.1.2019  / ESFM IM Mya version – 14.1.2019

Thanking you in anticipation,

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Kyaw Tint, Chairman

Dated 18/01/2019


Invitation for Sixth Annual General Meeting 2017



Final In


Initiated in 2006, ECCDI held its annual general meeting where all members are invited to be informed of the previous and future activities of ECCDI. For this year, ECCDI will hold its annual meeting at International Business Center (IBC) on 29 September. This is also sixth annual meeting that has been holding since 2006. At the meeting, the activities achieved by ECCDI in this year will be presented to the members. There is one seat for EC member (2014-2018), so one fresh EC member will be selected and elected during the meeting. Annual member fee for every member is 5000 kyats and this will be charged starting from this year.

This event is a good opportunity for members to be in touch with the organization as well. So, we would like to invite all members to be involved in the meeting. Your participation is greatly appreciated.