The Organization has the following governing bodies:
1.    General Assembly
2.    Patrons, and
3.    Executive Committee (EC)

General Assembly
The General Assembly is the highest body of the Organization, and composed of all members.
The Annual General Assembly is held once a year within three months after the end of the previous year. A Special General Assembly can be convened as prescribed by the Charter.
The General Assembly elects the Executive Committee (EC) members. EC nominates the Patrons.
The formation of ECCDI was initiated in November, 2006 by a small group of retired forest officers. The founders later on succeeded in recruiting other distinguished persons as Patrons and as Executive Committee members. The Patrons and the EC initially included the following:-
1.    Dr. Mehm Thet San        Deputy Minister (retd.), Ministry of Industries
2.    U Aung Thein            Deputy Minister (retd.), Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
3.    U Kyaw Khin            General Manager (retd.), Myanma Timber Enterprise
4.    U Saw Han            Director (retd.), Forest Department
5.    U Tin Hla            Director-General (retd.), Forest Department
6.    U Khin Maung Mya        Deputy Director-General (retd.), Forest Department
1.    Dr. Kyaw Tint            Director-General (retd.), Forest Department    President
2.    U Mehm Ko Ko Gyi        Director (retd.), Forest Department        Vice-President
3.    U Khin Thein            Director (retd.), Forest Department        Member
4.    U Kyi Maung            Director (retd.), Forest Department        Member
5.    Daw Khaing Wah Wah Maw    Operations Officer, FAO                Member
6.    U Sein Thet            Director (retd.), Forest Department        Auditor
7.    U Saw Htun Khaing        Deputy Director (retd.)                Secretary
8.    U Khin Maung Nyunt        Assistant Director (retd.), Forest Department    Joint-Secretary
9.    Daw Tin Tin Ohn        Assistant Director (retd.), Forest Department    Treasurer
Current patrons and Executive Committee Members
Currently, ECCDI is organized as shown in the following chart.


The Organization has a minimum of three and a maximum of six patrons.
1.    Patrons are nominated by the EC.
2.    After being nominated as a Patron, the Patron automatically becomes a member of the Organization. A Patron does not need to pay any fees.
3.    Patrons conduct their roles on a voluntary basis. The EC may decide to reimburse reasonable expenses for attending meetings and other official duties.
4.   The Patrons participate in Executive Committee meetings at least once every two months.
Responsibilities of the Patrons are to:
5.    Regularly attend meetings of the Executive Committee and General Assembly;
6.    Support the Organization in fulfilling its vision;
7.    Provide advice to the EC on important matters;
8.    Bring additional expertise into the Organization;
9.    Provide advice to the General Assembly upon request of the General Assembly;
10.    Represent the Organization upon request of the EC.
Presently, the Organization has three patrons. They are
(i)    U Maung Maung Soe Tint (Ambassador, retired)
(ii)    U Tin Hlaing (Minister, Home Affairs, retired),and
(iii)    U Aung Thein (Deputy Minister, Livestock and Fisheries, retired)

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is the governing body of the Organization and oversees the day-to-day activities of the Organization.
i.    The EC is accountable to the General Assembly.
ii.    The members of the EC are elected by the General Assembly as specified in article 21.
iii.    The EC is composed of 9 members: a Chairperson, 2 Vice-chairpersons, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary, a Treasurer, an Auditor and 2 members.
iv.    The Organization strives to have a gender-balanced EC.
v.    EC members, depending on their responsibilities and available resources, may receive remuneration. The remuneration is approved by the EC and Patrons. Remuneration of all EC members must be included in the Annual Financial Report.
vi.    The EC may form Sub-committee(s) for undertaking specific tasks for a fixed time frame. Sub-committees must report fully to the EC. A sub-committee must always be chaired by an Executive Committee member. A non-member could be on the Sub-committee if his/her special expertise is needed to perform the task of the Sub-committee.
Duties & Responsibilities of EC
The EC has the responsibility to ensure that the Organization meets its vision. The responsibilities mentioned below are illustrations of these responsibilities and do not form an exhaustive list.
*    To organize meetings of the General Assembly;
*    To review and decide on membership applications;
*    To nominate Patrons and inform the General Assembly about the nominated Patrons at the next General Assembly;
*    To develop with input from the members and implement the Organization’s long-term strategy;
*    To develop, approve and implement policies and procedures relevant for running the Organization professionally;
*    To ensure that the Organization has adequate resources – human, material and financial;
*    To ensure that the Organization follows the Financial Manual and has a sound financial system which is characterized by transparency and accountability;
*    To ensure that the Organization follows the Human Resource Manual and has sound Human Resources Management;
*    To employ staff, establish the remuneration and dismiss staff when necessary;
*    To monitor and evaluate activities and take corrective measures when necessary;
*    To cooperate with other relevant organizations in order to achieve its vision;
*    To appoint an independent external auditor and when necessary a legal advisor;
*    To develop, approve and implement an annual work plan and budget;
*    To prepare the Annual Report and the Annual Financial Report and present it together with the Auditor’s report to the General Assembly.

Term & Election 
The term of each Executive Committee member is four years. No one is eligible to be an EC member for more than two continuous terms.
In order to preserve knowledge and experience in the Executive Committee, half of the Executive Committee members are elected every two years. Hence, every two years elections are held. In the first group are the following positions elected: one Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and one member. In the second group are the following positions elected: Chairperson, one Vice-Chairperson, Associate/Joint Secretary, Auditor and one member.
The Executive Committee (2014 – 2017)
The Executive Committee for the term from 2014 to 2017 consists of:
1.    Prof. Dr. Kyaw Tint, Director-General (rtd.), Forest Department, President
2.    U Mehm Ko Ko Gyi, Director (rtd.), Forest Department, Vice-President (1)
3.    U Htun Paw Oo, Director (rtd.), Forest Department, Vice-President (2)
4.    U Khin Maung Oo, Director (rtd.), Forest Department, Secretary
5.    U Kyi Soe, Director(rtd.), Forest Department, Joint Secretary
6.    Prof. Dr. Daw Khin Lay Swe, Pro-Rector (rtd.), Yezin Agricultural University, Member
7.    Dr. Saw Lwin, Orchid Specialist, Member
8.    Daw Theiant Theiant Aung, Agronomist, Treasurer
9.    U Zaw Win, Manager (rtd.), Myanma Timber Enterprise, Auditor.


The Organization
The Organization is made up of five sections:
1.    Administration and International Relations section
The section is headed by the Secretary of the EC. The members include-
•    Joint-Secretary of the EC
•    One Senior Computer Operator
•    One Logistics Assistant
•    One Driver,  and
•    One Office Assistant
2.    Operations section
The section is headed by the Operations officer. The members include-
•    One Operations Assistant , and
•    Two Field Assistants.
3.    Research & Development section
The section is headed by the Research & Development officer. The members include
•    One Monitoring & Evaluation officer.
4.    Planning & Statistics section
The section is headed by the Planning & Statistics officer. The members include
•    One Planning & Statistics Assistant, and
•    One Computer operator.
5.    Budget & Accounts section
The section is headed by the Budget & Accounts officer. The members include
•    One Budget Assistant , and
•    One Accounts Assistant