To be a lead organization in ensuring Myanmar’s natural environment and resources are valued and well conserved, sustainably benefiting the livelihoods of the communities.
ECCDI aims at rehabilitating and conserving the environment and conducting research, advocacy and livelihood development activities by working in partnership with the government, communities, and other related organizations to ensure sustainability of the natural resources and enrich the lives of the rural poor.
ECCDI has set the following as its main objectives:
1.    To ensure a sustained environment through enrichment of biodiversity by conserving and improving natural ecosystems
2.    To create model forests to demonstrate sustainable forest ecosystem management, sustainable resource utilization and diverse forest values to the public and related organizations.
3.    To help alleviate poverty and enhance community development by improving food security, creating income-generating opportunities, and assisting education and health.
4.    To conduct trainings, write technical papers and books, and use various media to raise awareness of the people about environment, forests, biodiversity, climate and ecosystem.
5.    To assist in human resource development through trainings and by contributing to educational institutions.

Guiding Principles
ECCDI is guided by the following Principles:
i.    Respect to Law: in all its operations ECCDI shall abide by Myanmar laws;
ii.    Independence: ECCDI shall be non-partisan and independent of the government and political parties;
iii.    Responsibility: ECCDI shall conduct its activities in ways that do not adversely affect the people, communities, and natural resources it is concerned with;
iv.    Good governance: ECCDI is committed to good governance. It will be transparent and accountable in all its activities;
v.    Non-Discrimination: ECCDI respects and encourages diversity, and seeks to be impartial and non-discriminatory in all of its activities;
vi.    Services in Partnership: ECCDI aims to provide services in partnership with both communities and interested organizations to meet local needs in a sustainable way;
vii.    Environment: environmental conservation and ecological integrity are a fundamental consideration of ECCDI in sustaining rural livelihoods and reducing poverty;
Viii.   Finance: ECCDI shall observe financial rules and procedures and budgetary discipline, in line with its Financial Manual.